1.3 Getting connected to Internet

Before you can explore the Internet, you need to have access to a computer that is a part of network. When you buy a telephone, it doesn’t work right out of the box. Before you make first call you need to pay, to have line connected by the telephone company, so that you can hear the dial tone. Similarly you can’t dial the Internet services until you modern can connect with a computer, that is part of the Internet. Once you have an “Internet dial tone” you will be able to access the Internet’s resources.

about internet

Individuals and small business companies can access the internet using a dialup connection. A dial-up connection simply mean that when you want to access the Internet, your modern dials a host computer and you can go about your business. Dial-up access means your phone line is only tied up while you’re actually using the Internet.
If you’re trying to connect to a large group of people who require connection simultaneously, extremely fast connection to the Internet, dial-up access is not the best choice. If you’re connection to more than 20 people who require simultaneous and permanent Internet connections, you may need that leased line, terminal server, router and other equipments. Those of us who need simple dialup access needs only a computer, a modem, a telephone line, an account with a service provider and the appropriate software. The following section describes the requirements that enable Internet access.

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