2.4 Remote Access and Transactions

2.4.1 Telnet

Telnet is a program that allows login to other internet computers and use on-line databases library catalogs, various information servers such as WAIS, chat with other users, read electronic journals, etc.  To telnet to a computer, you need to know its name.  This can either be in words, like “india.univ.edu” or as a numeric address like “”.  Some devices require you to connect to a specific “port” on the remote computer.  Type the port number, if there is one after the Internet address (for example www.univ.edu:80”).



2.4.2 Gopher

Gopher provides menu access to a wealth of different  Internet resources, It is client/server based tools that providers a user-friendly front end to many different types o Internet resources located all over the world.  By using Gopher you are spared from having to learn many of the arcane Internet and special computer commands.  In effect, Gopher presents the Internet as if it were all part of a single directory system such as directories on a DOS machine or folder on a Mac.  When you select a menu the Gopher tunnels through various Internet pathways to find  the information you want and bring it back to you.  Gopher can connect you to on-line databases, library catalogues.  WAIS databases, World Wide Websites.  FTP sites and more.  There are Gopher clients on most campus systems.  To use Gopher log on to your account and type “”gopher”.  There are also popular Gopher clients for DOS, X-windows and Mac machines.



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