2.6 Search Engines

One must have probably heard of them but have only a vague idea of what they might be or do on the Internet.  Well’s here’s what a search engine means.  The engines mentioned above are different names for the same type of program, which are referred to as a Robot.  In essence, a Robot is a specialized program designed to move through the World Wide Web, collecting data from each Website it encounters.  This data usually includes the text from that page’s title, headings and main body.  This recorded text is sent by a Robot to a data-base where it is indexed and stored.

A query is sent to a search engine to do a search.  It looks through this data-based for the words entered into its “query box”.

It should be known that a search engine is not an intelligent thing.  If asked to search for “travel in India”, it would not go o8ut and find all the sites on the Internet that area about collecting information on travelling in India.  What it would do is look through all the Internet pages it has indexed in its data-base for the ones that contain the words “travel” and “India” and ignoring “in” or close matches to them, and then give you a list of the sites containing those words.  It is very important to understand that the search engine is only matching the words given to the words in its index.  So, just because an Internet site has the query word (or words) in it somewhere does not mean that it has the real content one is looking for


How Serch Engine Works

In addition, if several words are entered into a search engine’s query box, the list of sites it returns may  include pages that contain only one out of all the words you entered.  Search engines will find a huge number of sited on the Internet that contains the word or words that one is looking for.  So, to be helpful, they will put the ones that  were most “relevant” to the search at the top of the list.  This “relevancy” is based on many things, including how many times the word or words appeared in the site, how close were to the beginning of the page’s text how closely they match the word or words entered.

They not only let you search across a variety of engines simultaneously, but they also let you specify which engines you would like to use.

Which  Internet Search engine is best?  They all their strengths and  weakness, and your best ber are to learn how to use an entire compilation of them.

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