2.7 Internet Protocol Summary

  • TCP/IP is the internet protocol specifies an addressing scheme for computers TCP/IP sets the rule for how data should move between computers and programs on the network.
  • HTTP defines how messages are formatted and transmitted, and what action web servers and browsers should take in response to various commands.  It process through request and response methods.
  •  FTP allows you to transfer various types if file formats from one machine to another machine on network.
  • Telnet allows to access remote machine, Gopher presents the Internet as if it were all part of a single directory system such as directories on a DOS machine or folder on a Mac.
  •  E- mail stands  for electronic mail which allows you to send messages from one computer to another over network.  This uses the SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol).
  • The mail stored on the server is retrieved to user’s accounts through various client protocols like POP3, IMAP3.
  • Search engines are used to find our favorite websites by specifying the keywork.

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