3.6 Linking Web Pages using Hyper Links

HTML is not just another way to create beautiful documents, however.  Its key ingredient is in its first part of its name:  Hypertext.  HTML documents can contain links to other HTML documents or to practically anything else in the internet.  This means you can create several Web pages and have your users jump from one to the other as needed.  You can also create links to other Organization’s web page, giving your users access to information held at other sites.  You can also use a hyperlink in situations where a word in your document needs further explanation.  Such words can be made hot text or link or hyper text and they appear in a different color.  When the cursor is moved to the hyper text a hand symbol will appear.  When you click on the hyper link you will be taken to another page.  A hyper text is created with anchor tag <A>.

Creating a Hyper Link with the anchor tag

1. Type <A HREF = “url-address”> where url.address is the url if the destination page.

2. Type the hyper text or clickable text.  This text will be underlined or highlighted in blue, and when clicked will take you to the URL referenced page.

3. Type </A> to complete the definition of the link.

The anchor tag <A> has an attribute href.  This attributes specifies the name of the document to be opened.  The following example uses <A> tag.

Example 3.2



<TITLE> HTML page with anchor is shown below </title>



<FONT SIZE =”10pt”>

<P>Click here to go to

<A HREF =”demo2.html”> The Next Page </A>





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