3.7 Using Images and pictures in Web Page

A picture or an image in the web page can be inserted using the <IMG>tag.  The <IMG> tag has several attributes to inform the source of the picture, height of the picture, width of the picture, alignment etc.  the following are some of its important attributes

  • Src
  • Height
  • Width
  • Align
  • Alt

The src attributes specifies the source of the picture.  It gives the path and the file name of the picture file.  The height and width are expressed in terms of pixels.  The pictures are generally in jpg, gif and png formats.  For example, consider the following.

<IMG SRC =”cup.gif” ALT = “cup with steam” HEIGHT = “100” WIDTH +”120” ALIGN =”left”>

The align attribute is used to align the picture and the alt attributes is specified with a text and it is displayed as an alternative if the specified picture is not found or can’t be displayed.

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