4.2.2. The START and TYPE attributes

In an ordered list, numbers begin from 1. It is possible to start the number from any desired integer.  For example if the you want to  begin from 10, then you can represent it in the start attribute of the <OL> tag as follows.

<OL start =”10”>

Instead of numerals, alphabets namely A, B, C…., or a, b, c…. or roman letters can be used in ordered list.  This is specified by type attribute in <OL> tag.  The symbols used with type attribute are shown in the following table.


Symbols used with type attribute

1 Numbers
A Uppercase alphabets A, B, C….
a Lowercase alphabets a, b, c…..
I Uppercase roman numerals I, II, III
i Lowercase roman numerals I, ii, iii…..
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