4.2.3. Unordered Lists.

The unordered list is represented by <UL> and </UL> tags.  <UL> is given at the beginning and </UL> tag is given at the end.  Each list item is given using <LI> tag.  In the unordered list, every list item has a circle or square as its bullet.

The bullet can be any one of the following symbols.

  • Disc
  • Circle
  • Square

The symbol that we want to include can be chosen using type attribute of <UL> tag.  For example suppose we use <UL type = “square”> we shall get square symbol.  If we use <UL type =”circle”> we shall  get circle symbol.

Example 4.2 – Unordered list


<HEAD> <TITLE> players listing – unordered </TITLE></HEAD>


<P> <H1 align =”center”> players selected </H1>

<FONT SIZE =”15pt”>

<UL TYPE = “square”>

<LI>Mike Owen

<LI> Wayne Rooney

<LI> David Beckham

</UL> </FONT>

</P> </BODY>


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