4.5. Dividing the screen-display using Frames and Frameset Element

Frames allow a web developer to display more than one HTML document in a browser simultaneously.  A document that defines a frameset normally consists of an html element that contains a head element and a frameset element.  The <FRAMESET> tag informs the browser that the page contains frames.  The frameset element contain attributes cols and rows.  The cols attribute specifies the frameset’s column layout.  The value of cols gives the width of each frame, either in pixels or as a percentage of the browser width.  Similarly, attribute rows can be used to specify the number of rows and the size of each row in a frameset.

The attribute name identifies a frame, enabling hyperlinks in a frameset to specify the target frame in which a linked document should display when the user clicks a link.

For example

<a href = “links.html” target = “main”>

Loads the file links.html in the frame whose name is “main”

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