4.4.1. Form Elements

You can include form elements like text-box, text-area, radio button, check box, password box and buttons in your web page using the form elements.  The important part of a form element is the concept of the name/value pairs.  When the information is sent to the server, it is sent two parts: first an identifier, or name, and then the actual data.  For example, in a text box with a name like Firstname where the user has typed John, the data will be sent to the server as Firstname = John.

Form elements can be created using the <INPUT> tag.  For example to create a text box you have to do the following:

To create a text box:

  1. Inside the FORM  area of your HTML document type the <INPUT TYPE = “text”
  2. Give the text box a name by adding NAME= “name”.  When the data is sent to the server, the information entered into this text box will be identified by the name.
  3. If desired define the size of the box using SIZE = “n”, (default value of n is 20 characters).
  4. Finish the definition of the text box by typing>

Example 4.4 –HTML forms (with a text box, password, radio button and a button)



<TITLE> Banking Page – form demo </TITLE>


<BODY text = black>

<FORM method = “get” action = “demoone.html”>

<T> <B> <H2> Deutsche Bank </H2></B> </I>

<LABEL> <H2> A/C  NO.  </H2> </LABEL>

<INPUT type =password name =”acno”> <BR>

<LABEL> <H2> PIN </H2> </LABEL>

<INPUT type = password name =”pin”> <BR>


<INPUT type = radio name =”enq”> <BR>


<INPUT type = radio name =”statement”> <BR>

<INPUT type = BUTTON value = submit> <BR>






You can use table to align your form elements.

Users can enter upto 32,700 characters in a text area.

 All data is sent to the server when user clicks an active image like a button.  So give specific instructions to use the active image.

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