5.3 Elements of JavaScript

Though JavaScript is a free flow language, it is vital to know the basic framework of the language.  These fundamental elements of the language are similar to that of any other language.  But for the sake of completeness, this section deals with variables, datatypes, operators, expressions and statements.

5.3.1 Data types:

JavaScript supports Numeric, Boolean and String data.  Apart from these three types, Object is the other important data type supported.  As a open standard the null data and undefined data types are also supported.  Integer and floating point data are called numbers.  They can be positive, negative or zero.  Integers can be represented in decimal, octal, hexadecimal form.  JavaScript considers True or False values as Boolean values.  In comparison 0 is considered as false and any other non-zero value as true.   String is any list of characters given within single or double quotes.

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