Javascript basics Summary

Jscript is Microsoft’s version of JavaScript a scripting language that is standardized by the ECMA international as ECMA script.

  • Often, JavaScript appear in the <head> section of the HTML document, the browse interprets the contents of the <head> section first.
  • Function parseInt  converts its string arguments to an integer.
  • JavaScript does not require variables to have a type can be used in a program.  A variable in JavaScript can contain a value of any data type, for this reason JavaScript is referred to as a loosely typed language.
  • Experience has shown that the best way to develop and maintain a large program is to construct it from small, simple pieces or modules.  This technique is called divide an conquer.
  • Modules in JavaScript are called functions, program are written by combining new function that the programmer writes with “prepackaged” function.
  • The prepackaged  functions that belong to JavaScript objects are often called methods.  The method implies that function belongs to a particular object.
  • The function is invoked by a function call.  The function call specifies the function name and provides information that the called function need to do its task.

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