Animal Avg. Life Span (years) Male Female Young Group
Antelope 10 Buck Doe Fawn Herd
Bear 15-20 Boar Sow Cub Sleuth
Cat 15 Tom Queen Kitten Cluster
Cattle 20 Bull Cow Calf Herd
Deer 10-20 Buck, hart, stag Doe, hind Fawn Herd
Dog 12-15 dog Bitch Puppy Cluster
Donkey 20 Jack Jenny Foal Herd
Elephant 60 Bull Cow Calf Herd
Fox 10 Dog-fox Vixen Cub kulk
iraffe 10-25 Bull Cow Calf Herd
Goat 10 Billy goat Nanny goat Kid Herd
Goose 25 Gander Goose Gosling Skein, gaggle
Hippopotamus 30-40 Bull Cow Calf Herd
Horse 20-30 Stallion Mare Foal Herd
kangaroo 10 -20 Buck Doe Joey Mob
lion 25 Lion Lioness Cub Pride
Ostrich 50 cock Hen chick Flock
Pig 10 – 15 Boar Sow Piglet Drove
rabbit 5-8 Buck Doe Kit Warren
Rhinoceros 25-50 Bull Cow Calf Crash
Sheep 10 – 25 Ram Ewe Lamb Flock
Tiger 10 – 25 Tiger Tigress Cub
Whale 20 Bull Cow Calf School, pod
Zebra 20 -25 stallion Mare foal Herd
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