Quantity Relation with other quantities Dimensional formula
Area Length × Breath L2 MO T0
Volume Length × Breath × Height L3 M0 T0
Density Mass ÷ Volume L-3 M0 T0
velocity Displacement ÷ Time LM0 T-1
Acceleration Change in Velocity ÷ Time LM0 T-2
Momentum Mass × Velocity LMT-1
Force Mass × Acceleration LMT-2
Torque Force × Lever arm L2 MT-2
Impulse Force × Time LMT-1
Work Force × Distance L2 MT-2
Energy, kinetic 1/2×Mass×Velocity2 L2 MT-2
Energy, potential Force × Distance L2 MT-2
Power Work/time L2 MT-3
Pressure Force/area L -1MT-2
Angle Arc/radius L0 M0 T0
Angular, velocity Angular/time L0 M0 T-1
Period Time L0 M0 T
Frequency No. of vibration/time L0 M0 T-1
Stress Force/area L-1 MT-2
Strain Change in length/length L0 M0 T0
Elasticity Stress/strain L-1 MT-2
Surface Tension Force/length L0 MT-2
Viscosity Pressure/velocity gradient L-1 MT-1
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