This is the  Biology Gk study material section on “Inventions and Discoveries in Modern Medicine” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

Inventions and Discoveries in Modern Medicine

Invention/Discovery Invertor/ Discoverer place Year
Adrenaline Schafer and oliver Britain 1894
Anti toxins Behring and kitasatvo Germany, Japan 1890
Artificial heart William kolff Netherlands 1957
Aspirin Dresser Germany 1889
Auromycin Dugger USA 1948
Bacteria Leeuwenhoek Holland 1583
Bacteriology Ferdinand cohn Germany 1872
Biochemistry Jan baptista and van helmont Belgium 1648
Blood circulation William Harvey Britain 1628
Blood transfusion Jean dengs France 1625
Cardiac pacemaker A.S. Hyman USA 1932
Chemotheraphy Paracelsus Switzerland
Cancer Robert weinbery USA 1982
Chloroform James simpson Britain 1847
Cholera, T.B. Germs Robert Koch Germany 1877
chloromycetin Burkholder USA 1947
Cortisone Edward calvin-kendall USA 1936
Cryo-surgery Henry swan USA 1953
Contraceptive pills Pincus USA 1955
D.D.T. Paul muller Germany 1939
Diphtheria germs Klebs and loffler Germany 1983-84
Embryologyn Karl ernest van baer Estonia 1792-1896
Endocrinology Bayliss and starling Britain 1902
Electrocardiograph Einthoven Holland 1906
First test tube baby Steptoe& Edward Britain 1978
Gene therapy on humans Martin clive USA 1980
Histology Marie bichat France 1771-1802
Heart transplant surgery Christian barnard S.Africa 1967
Hypodermic syringe Alexander wood Britain 1853
Insulin for diabetes Banting and best Canada 1921
Kidney machine Kolf Holland 1944
Leprosy bacillus Hansen Norway 1873
LSD Hoffman Switzerland 1943
Malaria germs Laveran France 1880
Morphine Friderich serturner Germany 1805
Microbiology Hargobind Khorana India 1970
neurology Franz joseph gall Germany 1828
Nuclear magneticresonance imaging Raymond damadian USA 1971
Oral polio vaccine Albert sabin USA 1954
Oral contraceptive pills Geroge pincus USA 1955
Open heart sugery Walton lillehel USA 1953
Pencillin Alexander flemming Britain 1928
Physiology Albercht Von Haller Switzerland 1757-1766
Positron Emision Tomography Paul Burg, Boyer, S.Cohen USA 1978
Psycho-Analysis Sigmund Freud Australia 1895
Phototheraphy N.R. Finsen Denmark 1903
Rabies vaccine Louis Pasteur France 1860
Recombinant DNA- Technology Louis Sokoloff USA 1978
reserpine Jal Vakil India 1949
Rh- factor Karl Landsteiner USA 1940
Sex hormones Eugen Steinach Australia 1910
Serology Paul Ehrlich Germany 1884-1915
Stethoscope Rene Laennac France 1819
Science of immunity(Anti-toxins) Behring and Kitasato Germany, Japan 1890
Streptomycin Selman Waomann USA 1944
Sulpha drugs G.Domegk Germany 1939
Synthetic antigens Landsteiner USA 1917
terramicine Finaly and Colleagues USA 1950
Thyroxin Edward calvin kendall USA 1919
Typhus vaccine J. Nicolle France 1909
Vaccination Edward jenner Britain 1796
Virology Ivanoski and Bajernick Russia, Holland 1892
Vitamin Sir. F.G. Hopkins Britain 1912
Vitamin A Maoollum and M. Davis USA 1913
Vitamin B maoollum USA 1916
Vitamin C Froelich holst Norway 1912
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