Vitamins and their source and needs

This is the  Biology Gk study material section on “Vitamins and their source and needs” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

vitamins gk

Vitamin Chief source Needed for
Vitamin A Carotene (which body can convert to Vitamin A) in carrots, egg yolks, butter, yellow or orange fruits, vegetables Growth; prevention of dry skin; formation of visual purple, which aids vision in dim light; lack of Vitamin A can lead to atrophy of white of eyeball
Vitamin B1(thiamin) Wheat germ, bread, pork, liver, potatoes, milk Prevention of beri-beri
Vitamin B2(riboflavine) Milk, eggs, liver Lack may result in skin disorders, inflammation of tongue, and cracked lips.
Biotin Liver, yeast, milk, butter Probably  concerned with healthy skin
Folic acid Many green vegetables, liver, yeast, mushrooms Prevention of one form of anaemia.
Nicotinic acid(niacin) Yeast, liver, bread, wheat germ, kidney, milk Prevention of pellagra
Pantothenic acid Many foods, but abundant in liver, yeast, and eggs Lack may place part in skin disorders.
Vitamin B6(pyredoxin) Meat, fish, milk, yeast Lack can lead to convulsions in babies or anaemia in adults
Vitamin B1(cyanobalamin) Liver, kidney, eggs, fish Formation jof red blood cells, healthy nerve tissue
Vitamin C Fresh fruit and vegetables Prevention of scurvy
Vitamin D Margarine, fish, oils, eggs, butter, also formed in skin exposed to sunlight Formation of bones; lack causes rickets in children.
Vitamin E Most foods Little known but may affect fertility and ageing
Vitamin K Green vegetables; also formed by bacteria in intestine Clotting of blood.

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