Countries and their major industries

Afghanistan Wool and skin carpets, fruits.
Angola Textiles, brewing cement, oil refining and sugar.
Argentina Meat packing, flour milling.
Australia Wool, wheat, meat, gold, silver etc.,
Bangladesh Raw jute, textil, sugar, hoseries
Belgium Steel and metal products, textiles, glass, sugar etc.,
Brazil Ship building, textiles, coffee etc.
Cameroon Aluminium and chemicals.
Canada Automobile parts, wood pulp and timber
China Cotton, woolen mills, iron, leather etc.
Cuba Sugar, tobacco
Czechoslovakia Machinery and equipment, chemicals, glass.
Denmark Dairy products, textiles, iron and steel ware.
Egypt Cotton, mineral products, textiles, tyres etc.
Finland Papers and pulp, textiles, ship building, leather.
france Chemicals, silk, automobiles, aircrafts, ships, electronic equipment, perfume and wine etc.
Germany Chemicals, heavy engineering, ship building.
Greece Shipping, tourism.
Hong Kong Cotton, textile, plastic, electronic, optical equipments.
hungary Engineering products, machine tools, motor vehicles and electronic goods.
Saudi Arabia Petroleum
Singapore Rubber, tin, ship building, textiles, electronics etc.
South Africa Gold, diamond, chemicals, textiles, food processing.
Spain Chemicals, machine tools, ship building.
Sri Lanka Rubber, cement, textiles and fertilizers
Sweden Steel, wooden pulp, paper, lumber etc.
Switzerland Watches, precision tools and machines, tourism.
Taiwan Cotton fabrics, electrical goods, glass and soap.
United Kingdom Iron and steel engineering, chemicals, motor vehicles, electronics, air-craft, textiles, consumer goods etc.
USA Machinery engineering, chemicals, automobiles air craft, ship building, oil, gold etc.
Russia Machines, engineering, steel, aircraft, ships etc.
Vietanam Cement, metallurgy, chemical- paper and textiles.
Zimbabwe Food processing, metals, textiles and engineering.
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