The Biggest, Largest, Highest & Longest in the world (Natural World)

This is the general knowledge section on “The Biggest, Largest, Highest & Longest in the natural world” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Answers with detailed description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

The Biggest, Largest, Highest & Longest in the world

Largest Ocean Pacific Ocean (depth 12,925 ft)
Largest Sea South China Sea (area 1,148,500 sq: miles).
Largest Gulf Gulf of Mexico (area 580,000 sq: miles)
Largest Bay Hudson Bay (area 317,500 sq: miles)
Longest Straits Tartar strait (running 497 miles fro the sea)
Largest Peninsula Arabia (area about 1,250,000 sq: miles)
Largest Island Greenland  (area about 840,000 sq: miles)
Highest Mountains Himalayas (height of the peak is 29,028 ft)
Greatest Plateau Tibetan Plaeau (area 77000 sq:miles)
Longest River Amazon (length 4,195 miles)
Largest Delta In Bangladesh (area 30,000 sq:miles)
Highest Water Fall Angel falls, Venezuela (height 3,212 ft)
Widest Water Fall Khone falls (Width 6.7 miles)
Langest Lake Kapiskoye More (Caspian Sea).(area 139,000 sq:miles)
Highest Lake Lago Titicaca (maximum depth 1,214 ft)
Deepest Lake Baykal, Siberia (depth 6,365 ft)
Largest desert Sahara, North Africa (area 3,250,000 sq:miles).
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