Which Countries or Places are known as the following

This is the general knowledge section on “Countries and their special Names” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Answers with detailed description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

countries and their special names

Bengal’s sorrow River Damodar, Bengal, India
Blue mountains Nilgiri Hills, India.
Britain of the South New Zealand
City of the golden gate San Franscisco, USA.
City of the golden temple Amritsar, India
City of the dreaming spires Oxford, England
City of magnificent distances Washington, D.C,USA.
City of palaces Calcutta, India
Cockpit of Europe Belgium
Dark Continent Africa
Emerald Island Ireland
Empire City/City of Sky scrapers New York, USA
Forbidden City. Lhasa,Tibet.
Garden of England Kent, England
Garden of India Bangalore
Gate of Tears Bab-el-mandab.
Gateway of India Mumbai
Gift of the Nile Egypt
Granite city Aberdeen, Scotland
Greatest Throughfare Broadway, New York
Herring pond Atlantic Ocean
Holy land Palestine
Island of cloves Madagascar (Malagasy)
Island of pearls Bahrain
Key of the Mediterranean Gibraltar
Land of cakes Scotland
Land of the kangaroo Australia
Land of the golden flecce Australia
Land of the golden pagoda Myanmar
Land of lilies/land of maple Canada
Land of morning calm Korea
Land of the midnight sun Norway
Land of the rising sun Japan
Land of Five Rivers Punjab, India
Land of Thousand Lakes Finland
Land of the White Elephant Thailand
Never Never Land Paris of N.Australia
Pearl of the Antilles Cuba
Playground of Europe switzerland
Playground of India kashmir
Powder keg of Europe Balkans
Quaker  City Philadelphia
Queen of the Adriatic Venice, Italy
Queen of the Arabian Sea Kichi, India
Roof the the World Pamirs.
Rose Pink City Jaipur, India
Sick man ofEurope Turkey
Sorrow of China River hwaug ho
Spice garden of India Kerala
Sugar Bowl of the World Cuba
Venice of the North Stock holm
White City Belgrade, Yugoslavia
White Man’s Grave Guinea Coast
Wind City Chicago, USA
World’s Bread Basket Prairies of N.America
World’s Loneliest Island Tristanda Cuntra

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