World’s famous Gates, Towers and Pillars

Eiffel tower In Paris,984 feet high tower built all from steel by Gustar Eiffel, now used as a wireless station.
Gateway of India It was built to commemorate the visit of King King George  V Queen Mary of U.K. to India in 1911
Leaning Tower A marble leaning tower; in Pisa, Italy.  On its north 55 meter high and on its south 54.5 meter.
Qutb Minar A 72.5 meter high stone tower: one of the masterpieces of Indian art and technology.
Sanchi Stupa Madhya Pradesh, India .  One of the earlies stupas of India 17 meter in height and 36.5 meter in diameter.
Sarnath Stupa In Sarnath, U.P, India. A huge stone structure-32 meter high and 28 meter in diameter.
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