Names Of Carbon Compounds

Acetaldehyde ethanal
Acetic acid Ethanoic acid
Acetophenone Phenyl Acetopohenone
Acetone Propanone
Acetonitrile Ethanonitrile
Acetylene Ethyne
Aniline Phenylamine
Benzaldehyde Benzenecarbaldehyde
Benzonitrite Benzenecarbonitrite
Butyl alcohol Butanol
Butylene Butene
Carbon tetrachloride Tetrachloromethane
Carbon tetrafluoride Tetrafluoromethane
Chloral Trichloroethanal
Chloroform Trichloromethane
Diethyl ether Ethoxythane
Ethane Ethane
Ethyl acetate Ethyl ethanoate
Ethyl alcohol Ethanol
Ethyl chloride Chloroethane
Ethylene Ethane
Ethylene tetrafluoride Tetrafluoroethane
formaldehyde Methanol
Formic acid Methanoic acid
Fumaric acid Transbutenedioic acid
Iodoform Triodomethane
Maleic acid Cisutenedioic acid
Malonic acid Propanedioic acid
Methyl alcohol Methanol
Methyl chloride Chloromethane
Methyl cyanide Ethanonitrite
Methylene chloride Dichloromethane
Methyl iodine Diiodomethane
Oxalic acid Ethanedioic acid
Phenol Benzenol
Phenyl cyanide Benzenecarbonitrite
Phenyl isocyanide Benzene soccarbonitrite
Phosgene  Carbonyl chloride
Polyethylene Polythene
Polypropylene Polypropene
Propionic acid Propanoic acid
Succinic acid Butanedioic acid
Toluene Methylbenzene
Trichloroethylene Trichlorethene
Urea Caride
Vinyl chloride Chloroethene

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