Scientific Instruments And Their Uses

Actinometer A device that measures the intensity of radition.s
Altimeter A special type of aneroid barometer, used in measuring altitudes.
Ammeter An instrument to measure the strength of an electric current.
Anemometer An instrument to measure the velocity and direction of the wind.
Aspirator An apparatus for removing liquids from a body cavity.
Atmometer A device that measures the rate of evaporation
Audiometer An instrument to measure difference in hearing
Barometer An instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure
Bathometer A device that measures the depth of water in the sea
Beckmenthermometer A device that measures the slight change in temperature
Binocular An optical instrument designed for magnified view of distant objects by both eyes simultaneously.
Callipers A device that measures the diameters of wire, tube or rod.
Calorimeter An instrument for measuring quantities of heat
Cathetometer A device that measures the distance between fluid levels in vertical tubes.
CAT scanner An instrument that creates a three-dimentional image of body tissues by x-ray recordings.
Chronometer A clock that keeps very accurate time as the one that is used to determine longitude at sea.
Clinical Thermometer A thermometer for measuring the temperature of human body.
Ciinometer A device that measures the angle of an incline.
Colorimeter An instrument for comparing intensities of colour
Commutator An instrument to change or reverse the direction of an electric current.  In dynamo it is used to convert alternating current into direct current.
Computer A technical device designed to find instantaneous solutions o huge and complex calculations based on the information already fed.
Cryometer A device that measures the very low temperature


A device dthat measures the distance stravelled by awheel

A device that measures the density

Dilatometer . A device that measures the volume expansion of  liquid due to temperature.
Dynamo A device for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy
Dynamometer An instrument for measuring the electrical power.
Ecraseur An instrument for removing tumours by tightening a wire loop.
Electrometer A device that measures the potential difference and charge
Electroscope An instrument for detecting the presence of electric charge
Endoscope An instrument  forexaming hollow organs such as the bowel.
Galvanometer An instrument for measuring electric current
Gaussmeter A device that measures the magnetic flux, density.
Geiger counter A device that measures the radiation.
Goniometer A device that measures the angles, as crystals.
Gravimeter A device that measures the gravitational fields.
Hydrometer An instrument for measuring the relative density of liquids.
Hygroscope An instrument to show the changes in atmospheric humidity.
Hypsometer A device that measures the elevation of land.
Lactometer An instrument for measuring the relative density of milk.
Machmeter A device that measures the speeds at and beyond the speed of sound.
Manometer An instrument for measure the pressure of gases.
Mariner’s Compass An apparatus for determining direction, graduated to indicate 32 directions.  The “N” point on the dial indicates north pole and the “S” point, south pole.
Micrometer An instrument used for accurately measuring small distances or angels.
Microscope An instrument for magnified view of very small objects.
Optometer An instrument that detects the refraction of  eye.
Otoscope An instrument for examining the eardrum
Periscope An apparatus for viewing objects lying above the eye level of the observer and whose direct vision is obstructed
Photometer An instrument for comparing the luminous intensity of the source of light.
Piezometer An instrument for measuring high pressure, compressibility.
Planimeter An instrument for measuring the sureface area of plane figure
Plantimeter A mechanical integrating instrument to measure area of plane suface.
Pluviometer An instrument for measuring rainfall
Pyknometer An instrument used to measure the density and coefficient of expansion of a liquid
Pyrheliometer An instrument used to measuring solar radiations.
Pyrometer Thermometer to measure high termperature
Quadrant An instrument for measuring altitudes and angles in navigation and astronomy
Quartz clock A highly accurate clock used in astronomical observations and other precision work.
Radio Micrometer An instrument for measuring heat radiations
Rain Gauge An instrument for measuring rain fall
Refractometer An instrument used to measure the refractive index of a substance.
Resistance Thermometer Used for determining the electrical resistance of conductors.
Salinometer A type of hydrometer used to determine the concentration of salt solutions by measuring their densities.
Seismograph An instrument used for recording the intensity and origin of earthquake shocks.
Sextant An instrument used for measurement pt angular distances between two objects.
Spectroscope An instrument used for spectrum analysis.
Spectrometer A type of spectroscope so calibrated as to make it suitable for the precise measurement of refractive indices
Spherometer An instrument used for accurately measuring the curvature of spherical objects.
Spring Balance An instrument used to measure the weight of a body. It is preferred when quick but approximate determinations are to be carried out.
Spygmomanometer An apparatus for measuring blood pressure.


An apparatus for measuring strength of  the pulse

An optical device to see two dimentional pictures as having depth and solidity.

Stethoscope A medical instrument for hearing and analyzing the sound of heart and lungs.
Stroboscope An instrument used for viewing the objects moving rapidly with a periodic motion and to see them as if they were at rest.
Tangent galvanometer An instrument for measuring the strength of  direct current.
Telemeter An apparatus for recording physical events happening at a distance.
Teleprinter A communication medium for automatic sending, receving and printing  of telegraphic messages from distant places.
telescope An instrument for viewing distant objects are magnified
Television An instrument used for transmitting the visible moving images by means of wireless waves.
Tenaculum An instrument for lifting and holding blood vessels.
Trephine An instrument for removing discs of bone from the skull
Thermometer An instrument to measure temperature
Thermoscope An instrument used for measuring the temperature changes of the substance by nothing the corresponding change in volume.
Thermostat An automatic device for regulating constant temperatures.
Transistor A small device which may be used to amplify current and perform other functions usually performed by a thermionic valve.
Variometer A  device for measuring the rate of climb of descent of an aircraft.
Vernier An adjustable scale for measuring small sub division of scale.
Vinometer A device for measuring alcohol content of wine
Viscometer An instrument for measuring the viscosity, i.e the property of resistance  of a fluid to relative motion within itself.
voltmeter An instrument to measure  potential difference between two points
Xyster A device for scraping bones
zymometer An instrument for measuring degree of fermentsation
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