The Biggest, Largest, Highest & Longest in the world (Scientific World)

This is the general knowledge section on “The Biggest, Largest, Highest & Longest in the Scientific World” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Answers with detailed description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

scientific world

Largest Reflector Telescope Alt-azimuth, 236.2 inch telescope sited on Mt:Semirodriki, Russia.
Largest Refractor Telescope In Yerkes observatory, Chicago.
Largest Radio Telescope Installed at US National Science foundation. It is Y-shaped and each arm is 13 miles long.
Largest Museum American Museum of Natural History. New York
Largest Industrial Building Nizhinig Tagil Railroad car and Tank Plant, Russia.
Largest Commercial Building Co-operative VBA, Netherlands.
Tallest Building Sears Tower, Chicago (110 stories)
Largest Car Park West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Canada
Largest  Palace Imperial palace (Gugong) Beijing, China.
Largest residential Palace The palace of the Sultan of Brunei
Largest  Hotel The Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, USA
Tallest Hotel Westin, Stamford Hotel in Raffles city, Singapore.
Largest Stadium Strahov, Stadium in Prague, Caechoslovakia.
Tallest Tower CN Tower in Metro Center, Toronto, Canada
Highest Bridge Royal George of the Arkansas river, Colorado, USA
Largest Clock Big Ben, England
Largest Park The Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada
Longest Road Grand Trank Road, India
Longest Bridge Second lake Pontchartrain causeway.
Longest Canal Volga-Baltic  canal, Russia
Largest Dam New Cornelia Tailings earthfill dam, Arizona.
Highest Dam Grande Dixence, Switerland.
Largest Reservoir Bratsk reservoir, Angara river, River.
Tallest Fountain Fountain Hills, Arizona
Tallest light house Steel Tower, Yokohama, Japan
Tallest Statue “Motherland” on Mamayev Hill, Russia
Longest wall The great wall of china
Highest Railway Station Condor, Bolivia
Longest platform Khargpur platform, West Bengal, India
Largest Airport King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Highest Airport Lasa (Lhasa) Airport, Tibet
Largest Solar Power Plant “Solar I” California, USA
Largest School South Point High School, Kolkata, India
Largest Mosque Umayyad Mosque, Damacus, Syria
Largest Church St. Peters church, Vatican city, Rome.
Largest country Russia
Largest bank “World Bank” Washington, USA
Largest library Library of Congress, Capital Hill, USA
Largest artificial lake Lake Volta, Ghana
Largest Island Greenland
Largest fresh water lake Lake Superior, USA
Biggest Auditorium Municipal Auditorium, Atlantic city
Largest Diamond mine At Kimberly, South Africa
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