Important Minaral Resources in India

Minerals States
Antimony Punjab, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Bihar
Asbestos Andra Pradesh, Bihar
Barytes Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra
Bauxite (Aluminium) Bihar, M.P, Gujarat, Karnataka
Coal MP, Bihar, West Bengal
Copper Rajesthan, Bihar
Chromite Orissa, Maharashtra, Bihar
Lead Rajesthan, Andra Pradesh
Limestone MP, Tamil Nadu
Manganese MP, Mahrashtra, Orissa, Andra Pradesh
Marble Rajesthan
Mica Bihar, Rajesthan, Andra Pradesh
Natural Gas Assam, Gujarat
Nickel Orissa
diamonds MP
Dolomite MP, Orissa
Gold Karnataka, Andra Pradesh
Graphite Orissa, Rajesthan, Andra Pradesh, MP
Gypsum Rajesthan, Andra Pradesh, Gujarat
Iron MP, Orissa, Bihar, Karnataka, Goa
Petroleum Maharashtra
Assam, Andra Pradesh
Silver Karnataka, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Rajesthan
Sulphur Tamil Nadu
Thorium Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh
Tin Bihar
Uranium Kerala, Bihar, Rajesthan
Zinc Rajesthan
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