International Alliances

Arab League Founded in March 22 1945.  Headquarters in Tunis, Tunisia, Promotes co-operating among Arab Nations.
Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Founded in August 9,1967.  Promotes economic growth in the region
Common wealth, The Founded in April  27,1949, Secretariat in London.  Includes most countries and dependencies formerly in British empire, plus a number of fully independent nations.
Colombo Plan Founded in July 1, 1951, Head quarters in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  Aids economic development of Southern Asia.
Council for mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON) Founded in January 25,1949, Head quarters in Moscow.  Economic organization of Communist block nations.

Promotes trade and economic growth.

Council of Europe Founded in August 3,1949, headquarters in Strasbourg, France, Promotes Unity, social and economic progress among members.
European Free Trade Founded in May3, 1960.  Headquarters in Geneva. Promotes
Association (EFTA) Free trade among members none of which is a member of EEC.
European economic community Founded in January 1, 1958. Headquarters in Brussels,
(EEC or Common Market ) Belgium. Promotes ecocomic unity among member states, and has trade agreement throughout  the world.
North Atlantic Treaty Founded in April 4, 1949,  Headquarters in Brussels. Guaran tees.
Organisation (NATO) Mutual defence among members all of which are western block nations.
Oraganisations for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Founded in September 20,1961.  Headquarters in Washington.  Promotes co-operation and defence among its members nearly 30 nations in North and South America.
United Nations (UN) Founded in October 24, 1945.  Headquarters in New York.  In 2000 it has 188 members.  It included International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Health Organisation (WHO).  Promotes international co-operation, peace and security.

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