Places Famous For Sculpture, Antiquaries & Historical Events in India

Ajanta Cave(Cave Temples) Maharashtra
Amber Place(Rajasthan architecture) Rajasthan
Adyar(Kalaskhetra of Rugmini Devi) Tamil Nadu
Anand Bhavan (Thhe ancestral home of Nehru) Utter Pradesh
Buddha Gaya Temple (Chennagesa temple) Bihar
Belur temple (Temples) Karnataka
Diwar temple (Temples) Rajasthan
Elephanta Caves (34 Caves temple) Maharashtra
Golden Temple (sacred temple of the Sikhs) Punjab
Gateway of India Maharashtra
Gol gumbaz Orissa
Konark Temple Tamil Nadu
Kancheepuram (Handloom Saree) Delhi
Qutab Minar (Highest Column) Haryana
Kurukshetra (The locate of Mahabharata epic war) Gujarat
Porbunder (The birth place of Mahatmaji) Delhi
Red Fort (Biggest Fort) Delhi
Rameswar (The Biggest Corrider) Tamil Nadu
Sanchi (Budha Stupa) Madya Pradesh
Santivan (The place of cremation of Jawahralal Nehru) Delhi
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