Some Great Explorers And Discoveries

This is the general knowledge reference guide section on “Some Great Explorers And Discoveries” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test.

NORSEMA Eric Discovered Greenland AD 982
Leif Ericsson Discovered North America AD 1000
Bartholomew Diaz Rounds Cape of Good Hope AD 1488
Christopher  Coloumbus Discovered the West Indies AD 1492
John Cabot Discovered the Newfound land. AD 1497
Vascode Gama Reached Calicut (S –India) AD 1498
Bedro Cabral Discovered Brazil AD 1500
James Cook Discovered New Southwales AD 1770
Marco Polo Visted Sumathra and Java —————-
Mungo Park Discovered Nigeria river in Africa ————–
David Livingstone Discovered Victoria falls. ——————-
Richard Francis Burton Discovered Lake Tanganyika ——————–

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