Important battles in World History – Part1

1. Battle Marathon, 490 B.C.

Battle in Greek history in which the Athenians defeated a superior Persian army and thus prevented invasion. A messenger, Pheidippides, ran the 30km, route to Athens with the news and died from his effort. This ‘marathon run’ is commemorated in the Olympic games.

2. Battle of Salamis, 480 B.C.

Greek fleet of 360 ships defeated Persian fleet of 1000 ships, Persians had to withdraw from Greece.

3. battle of Actium, 31 B.C.

Roman fleet of 400 ships under Octavian (who later become Emperor Augustus) defeated 500 ships, cobined fleet of Mark antony and Cleoparta. Tha victory made Octavian master of Rome and its empire.

4. Battle of the yarmuk, A.D.636.

Muslim forces led by Khalid ibn al-walid, the chief general of muslim leader Abe Bekr  defeated the Christian empire of Byzantium at the river Yarmuk. It resulted in the expulsion of Byzantium from Syria and Palestine.

5. battle of Hastings, A.D.1066.

Wiliam, the Duke of Normandy invaded England and defeated Harold. The English crow passed from the Saxons to the Normans who brought England jin contact with the continent of Europe.

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