Important battles in World History – Part2

6.State of Oleans, A.D. 1428-29 

English troops began siege in October. 1428; but in April 1429 Joan of Arc came to aid of the city and forced the besiegers to withdraw. This victory was a turning point in French campaign to drive the English out of France.

7. Siege of Constantinople, A.D.1453.

Ottoman Turkish army under Mohammed the conqueror captured the city defeating the Byzantine emperor. The Turks gained a foothold in Europe.

8. Battle of Bosworth, A.D. 1485.

The last battle of the war of the Roses ended in defeat and death of Richard III and established Tudor dynasty on the English throne.

9. Battle of England or Defeat of Spanish Armada, A.D.1588.

Spanish invasion fleet of 130 ships led by Duke of Medina Sidonia was defeated by English ships. English supremacy on the seas was established while that of spain, destroyed.

10. Battle of Blenheim, A.D.1704.

A British-Austrian army led by Duke of Marlborough defeated the French and Bavarians under Marshal Camille de Tallard during the war of Spanish succession. It lowered the prestige of France which was considered invincible before.

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