Important battles in World History – Part3

11. Battle of Quebec, A.D 1759

British troops under James Worlfe defeated the French on the “Heights of Abraham”. This led to the British conquest of Canada.

12. Battle of Bunker-Hill, A.D.1759

First major clash in the American war of Independence out-side best on. The British captured the hill but suffered enormous casualties. Out of a force of 2400 soldiers, 1054 men were killed or wounded.

13. Battle of Saratoga, A.D. 1777

The English forced led by General Burgoyne were defeated by the American forces in the American  War of Independence. This battle led France to join war against Britain and proved a turning point in the war.

14. Battle of Yorktown, A.D.1781.

Charles Cornwallis with 8000 British troops surrendered to a larger force under George Washington, ending the American War of Independence.

15. Battle of the Nile, A.D.1798.

The British fleet under Lord Nelson defeated the French fleet, cutting off Napoleon’s army in Egypt. It established British supremacy over the Mediterranean sea and shattered Napolean’s vision of Easter conquest.

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