Important battles in World History – Part4

16. Battle of Trafalgar, A.D.1805.

This was nelson’s most brilliant victory over the combined French and Spanish fleets. It ensured British naval supremacy, ending Napolean’s hoped of invading England. Nelson was killed in this battle.

17.  Battle of Austerlitz, A.D.1805.

Emperor Napolean I with 65,000 French troops defeated an 83000 strong Austro-Russian army under the Austrian and Russian Emperors. The Austrians sued for peace and the Russians withdrew. This is called the Battle of the three Emperors.

18. Battle of Borodino, A.D.1812.

Crucial battle in Russia during the Napoleonic wars. After invading Russia, Napoleon’s advace on Moscow was blocked by a Russian force at Borodino, 112Kms west of the city, on September 7, 1812. A day’s hard fighting ended in a narrow defeat for the Russians, allowing Napolean to occupy Moscow, but he failed to destroy the Russian army as a fighting force.

19. Battle of Leinzing, A.D.1813.

Napolean I with 190,000 French troops was surrounded and crushed by an allied force of 300,000 Austrian, Prussian, Russian and Swedish troops. This Battle of the Nations ended Napoleaon’s domination of Europe.

20. Battle of Waterloo, A.D.1815.

Napoleon I was defeated by the combined armies of Britain. Hollond, Belgium and Prussia led by the Duke of Wellington. Napoleaon was sent to St.Helena, an island, where he died six years later.

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