Important battles in World History – Part5

21. Battle of Navariono, A.D.1827.

Naval battle that ensured Greek independence from Turkey. British, French and Russian ships, under the command of Admiral Codrington, destroyed Ibrahim Pasha’s Turkish-Egyptian fleet in the bay of Navarino.

22. Battle of Gettysburg, A.D.1863.

Federal forces under George Meade defeated Robert E.Lee’s confederate army, a turning point in the American Civil War.

23. Battle of Marne. A.D.1914.

A famous battle in the First World War. French and British armies halted German forces invading France. It foiled the German plan of crushing France quickly.

24. Battle of Verdum, A.D.1916.

In a six-month struggle French forces held a major attck by German armies commanded by crown Prince William. French losses were 348,000 men the German losses 328,000. The German object was not to win ground, but to ‘bleed the French army white’. It was the first full-scale battle of attrition deliberately waged in modern history.

25. Battle of the Somme, A.D.1916.

Bristish and French offensive in the first World War, and one of the bloodiest battles in history. Lasted nearly five months and cost the Allies between 600,000 and 800,000 men for a maximum advance of only a few kilometers. German casualties were about 6 lakhs.

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