Important battles in World History – Part6

26. Battle of Jultalnd, A.D.1916.

The only first class naval engagement between the English and German fleets during the First World War. The Germans lost fewer ships but never again ventured out to sea.

27. Battle of Passechendacle, A.D.1917.

British forces launched eight attacks over 102 days in heavy rain and through thck mud, gaining five miles and loosing 400,000 men.

28. Battle of Britain, A.D.1940.

A German air force of 2500 plane launched an attack lasting 114 days to try to win air superiority over Britain. The smaller Royal Air Force defeated the attack, stopping a German invasion during the Second World War.

29. Battle of Coral Sea. A.D.1942.

American fleet drove back a Japanese invasion fleet bound for New Guinea in four-day battle in which all the fighting was done by aeroplanes.

30. Battle Of EI Alamein, A.D.1942.

British Eighth Army under General Montgomery drove back German Afrika Korps under Erwin Rommel, out of Egypt and deep into Libya. It marked a turning point in World War II.

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