Andre Michelin

Michelin Tyre co-founder profile

BIRTHDAY : January 16, 1853


DEATH DATE : Apr 4, 1931 (age 78)

Made a fortune from inflatable automobile tires and co-founded the Michelin Tyre Company in 1888.

He worked as an engineer and farm equipment salesman.

His travel guide, the Michelin Guide, which was first published in 1900, was designed to boost tire sales and is still relevant today. He published the first Michelin Guide, the purpose of which was to promote tourism by car, thereby supporting his tyre manufacturing operation.

He was drawn back to agriculture in order to save his grandfather’s business.

He was a famous French entrepreneur who developed the Michelin Tyre Company

The Michelins recognized that there would be a great demand for pneumatic tyres if only there was a way to more quickly make repairs. They reasoned that first the wheel must become detachable. Edouard conducted a series of experiments and developed a number of prototypes. In 1891, he was granted a patent for a detachable tire.

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