National Security Day – March 4

National Security Day celebrated on 4th march to observe the work and praise the work of various security forces in India. It is also known as Rashtriya Suraksha Diwas. This day is dedicated to all the structures of India who are always working for peace and security of the people as well as country (India). This day is celebrated to encourage those who are working continuously for the nation and its security. This day reminds us of those innumerable security forces like policeman, commandos, army officers and other people who are working for country’s security and there innumerable scarifies which they have fought against various external threats and internal rebellion.

National Security Day – March 4

National Security Day – March 4

Security nowadays has become an essential part of India, as India is a big country, in fact second biggest country after china in terms of area and population. Not only this, India is rich in various religions i.e. it is a nation where you will find followers of various religions. It belong to the people of various religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, christens and others. And along with different religion it also consists of numerous numbers of fairs and festivals. To safeguard the people everyday especially in festival or events time all the security forces are always there on their duty to protect people from various unnecessary events. Thus to praise the work of all these security forces like police, commandos and other security forces, National Security Day is celebrated.

This day is celebrated to encourage the work of these people who continuously work for the peace and harmony of the country. Not only this, National Security Day is celebrated to remind people about their personal responsibility towards the nation. On this day various activities are organised by several organization in which various activities that spread awareness about each and every citizen’s personal responsibility are organised. Through this day people get to know about their responsibility towards nation. Not only this various events are organized in which awards and rewards are given to those who are working for the nation security and peace. This day marks a salute to the jawans who died while saving the country. Various functions are organised to pay homage to them by offering flower and garland on their photos.
Thus National Security Day, also known as Rashtriya Suraksha Diwas in Hindi is a solemn occasion that encourages the work of the country’s security forces who have dedicated their life to the country’s security, peace and harmony.

Motive of Celebration of National Security Day

  • To encourage security forces who are working continuously for nation.
  • To remind people about their personal duties towards the country.
  • To raise a salute to the jawans who die while saving the country.
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