Commerce Questions and Answers – Part10

91. What is Boomboggling?
It is the wasteful or uneconomic labour indulged in by a firm to boost cost of production.

92. What is Quid proquo?
One thing in return for another consideration

93. What is a paper gold?
Colloquial name for special drawing rights or similar suggested schemes

94. What is Kennedy Round?
A extensive negotiations of multilateral tariff agreements, within the limits set by the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, investigated by the late American President Kennedy.

95. What is the Hot money?
It refers to funds that move quickly from one country to another in search of the highest rate of interest.

96. What is a Garnishee order?
It is a court order attaching the funds of the judgement debtor in the hands of a third party in favour of the judgement-creditor.

97. What is a Dead Rent?
A minimum amount payable, for example, on the lease of mine.

98. What is a kite?
A cheque drawn by some one who knows there is no money in the bank account he is drawing on.

99. What is Future Market?
An organized market for buying and selling future contracts

100. What is Free Trade?
The unrestricted international trade either with no customs duties or with customs duties which are used to creat revenue.

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