Commerce Questions and Answers – Part14

131. Who is a property broker?
They are mainly engaged in buying and selling fixed assets like land, buildings etc.

132. What is Loco or Ex-factory?
This means the price quoted includes cost of goods plus a nominal profit. The place of delivery would be the suppliers factory or godown. The cost of transport, insurance and other expenses should be met by the buyer.

133. What is F.O.R. (Free On Rail)?
This indicates that the price covers the cost of goods and all other expenses till the goods are put into the railway wagon.

134. What is F.O.B (Free On Board)?
This includes cost of the goods and all other expenses to be incurred in placing the goods on board the ship.

135. What is F.A.S.(Free Along Side)?
This includes all expenses like packing charges, delivery of goods to the side of the ship etc. But it doesn’t include charges for putting them on board.

136.What is C & F (Cost & Freight)?
This includes the cost of goods plus the freight charges and other expenses for delivering the goods at the importer’s port.

137. What is C.I.F. (Cost Insurance Freight)?
This includes the cost of goods, insurance, freight and all charges upto to the port of import.

138. What is Marine Insurance?
Marine insurance is the oldest kind of insurance. It is that branch of insurance which relates to ships and their cargoes.

139. Which is the oldest stock exchange in India?
Bombay Stock Exchange which was setup in 1887.

140. What is the stock exchange functioning in Kerala called?
Kochi Stock Exchange

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