Commerce Questions and Answers – Part6

51. What is the name of entry which is used in Bank Column cash book to record the money transaction?
Contra entry

52. The fixed cost of producing a quantity of a good divided by the quantity produced is :
Average fixed cost

53. Which is the basic document of a company?
Memorandom of association

54. Minimum number of persons who has to sign the Memorandom of association?
Seven persons in the presence of one witness

55. In the charter of the company while choosing a name which word should not be included?

56. In the name of a company which word should be used at the end?

57. Which is the most important clauses of the memorandum?
The object clause

58. Which is a document containing a rules and regulations for the internal management of the company?
The article of association

59. What is the maximum number of partners in Banking business?

60. What is the minimum number of members in a public company?

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