Commerce Questions and Answers – Part9

81. Who is a journeyman?
A crafts man who, having finished his period of apprenticeship

82. What is a Questionaire?
A document especially reproduced in large numbers containing a set of questions intended to elicit useful information

83. Give another name for parent company?
Holding company

84. What function of the computer ensures that the data are not distorted during processing?
Parity check

85. What is the term used with particular reference to bills of exchange?

86. What is the price at which the supply curve for a good and its demand curve intersect called?
Equilibrium price

87. What is similar to overdraft except that it is comparatively for a longer period?
Cash credit

88. What is the term Ad referendum means?
This term means that although the contract has been signed, certain matters have been left over for consideration when they actually arise

89. What is S.A.Y.E.?
Save While You Earn

90. Who are plural executives?
A group of people (a committee or board) who were given responsibility to exercise authority jointly over Specified activities of others.

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