Economics Questions and Answers – Part3

41. Which was the period of the fourth five year plan of the India?

42. What was the objective of the fourth five year plan?
Growth and stability

43. Which was the period of the fifth five year plan?

44. What was the slogan adapted for the fifth five year plan?
“Garibi Hatato” – Remove poverty

45. Janatha party government terminated the fifth five year plan in which year?

46. What was the name given to the plan started by the Janatha party?
Rolling Plan

47. Which was the period of the eighth five year plan?

48. What was the top priority given in the eighth plan?
Plan allocation

49. On which basis the Planning Commission defined the poverty line?
Nutritional standards

50. Which type of people are coming under the poverty line?
Below daily calorie intake of 2400 calories/person/day in rural areas and 2100 calories in urban areas.

51. Which was the other way of fixing the poverty line?
Rs 11000/annum/family of 5 members at 1991-92 prices

52. How many export Processing Zones are there in India?

53. Which is the 8th Export Processing Zone of India?
Surat E.P.Z.

54. Which is the first E.P.Z. in private sector in India?
Surat E.P.Z.

55. Which is the only E.P.Z in Kerala?
Kochi E.P.Z.

56. When was the community Development Programme launched in India?

57. What is the main aim of the Community Development Programme?
All round uplift of rural people

58. When was the Family planning Programme started in India?

59. When was the national extension service started in India?

60. When was the Reserve Bank of India established in India?

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