Economics Questions and Answers – Part8

141. When was the National productivity Council started?

142. In which year was the first Industrial Policy Resolution passed?


143. Which is the important plantation crop produced in India?

144. When was the New Industrial Policy announced?
July 24, 1991

145. Where in India are the largest deposits of Uranium found?

146. In which state is ‘Mica’ abundantly found?

147. Where are the diesel engines for Railways manufactured?

148. What is the name given to the statistical study of human population?

149. Who headed the Tax reforms committee?
Dr. Raja .J. Chelliah

150. Four-fifths of the goods traffic in India is carried by which agency?

151. A depreciation of a naation’s currency usually causes what to the internal/domestic prices?

152. When was the food corporation of India established?
January 1, 1965.

153. Where is the headquarters of the World Bank?

154. What is invisible imports and exports?
Generally, interest on overseas investment, commission on financial transactions, payment for services, expenditure by tourists, government grants overseas, cost of membership of international bodies etc. are called invisible imports and exports.

155. What is term demand?
Demand is desire for a commodity backed by necessary purchasing power.

156. What do you mean by demand analysis?
The relation of price to sales is known in economics as the demand. The demand for a thing produced and its sales depend upon some factors. These factors includes such diverse elements as price, buyers income, availability and price of substitutes or competing products etc. The relation between demand and these factors is known as demand analysis.

157. What are consumer goods?
Goods which directly satisfy human wants are called consumer goods. Eg., Food, clothing etc.

158. What are Producers goods?
Goods which indirectly satisfy human wants by helping the production of consumer goods are called producers goods. E.g. Tools, Machinery etc.

159. What are durable goods?
Durable goods are those goods which lasts for a longer period or durable goods are those goods which are not exhausted in a single use. E.g. Television set, Refrigerator

160. What are perishable goods?
Goods which will not last long are called perishable goods. E.g. Vegetables, Flowers etc.

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