Law Questions and Answers – Part1

This is the Part 1 general knowledge questions and answers section on “Law” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. 

law gk questions and answers

1. What is law?
All the rules of conduct established and enforced by the authority, legislation or custom of a given community, state or other group is called law.

2. Who is an Attorney?
Attorney is a person appointed by another to represent or look after their interests, normally by the grant of a power of attorney.

3. Who is a lawyer?
Lawyer is a person who has been trained in law, especially one whose profession is advising others in matters of law or representing them in laws.

4. Who is law maker?
It is a person who makes or helps to make laws especially a member of legislature; legislator

5. What is a bail?
The conditional release from custody of an accused person upon the surety of others, who are forfeit the sums of money specified when bail is granted, should the accused fail to attend at the future appointed time and place.

6. Who is bailee?
A person to whom the possession of goods is entrusted by another (the bailor) usually the owner. No transfer of ownership is involved and the bailee is bound to take care of the goods and deliver them up when requested.

7. Who is a bailiff?
This is an officer of the Court, subordinate to the chief, who normally undertakes such duties as the serving of writs, seizure of goods, eviction and carrying out other court orders.

8. What is Habeas Corpus?
A writ demanding the releasing of a person detained in custody which requires that person to be brought before the court

9. What is an Injunction?
This is an order of decree of the court requiring a person to refrain from (preventive) or to do (compulsive) a particular thing. An injuction may be granted as an interim measure or be perpectual but failure to comply constitutes contempt of court.

10. What is consumer protection?
This is the collection of laws designed to protect the interests of consumers as regards such things as the supply of goods and services and provision of credit or hire purchase facilities.

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