Law Questions and Answers – Part2

11. What is a person to whom property is due to pass under a will or trust called?

12. What is a written voluntary statement given under oath called?

13. What is Breach of contract?
The breaking of an obligation under a contract which there by confers a right of action upon the injured party. He may be entitled to treat the contract as that an end of alternatively seek its proper performance and in event claimed damage.

14. A written document which is signed and given under seal is called what?

15. What is the legal dissolution of a marriage which has broken down irretrievably called?

16. What is inquest?
An enquiry conducted by a coroner before a jury into the death of a person who has been killed, died suddenly or in prison or under suspicious circumstances.

17. What is jurisdiction?
The authority which a court has to decide matters that are litigated before it.

18. What is called bequest or gift of a personal property left to a person by a will?

19. What is Quid-pro-quo?
One thing in return for another

20. What is called a person who brings an action into a court of law?

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