Law Questions and Answers – Part3

21. What is a privilege?
A special immunity or exemption conferred on some person or body by virtue office or status

22. Who is Next to kin?
The Next to Kin is nearest blood relation

23. What is ‘Res Ipsa Loquitor’?
The thing speaks for itself. A phrase used in actions for injury caused by negligence where the mere fact of accident occurring raises the inference of the defendant’s negligence

24. What is called a person who gives security to satisfy the obligation of another?

25. What is called the proof of a witness by oral evidence?

26. What is Ultra vires?
A thing done outside the scope of the authority conferred by law.

27. What is a reason or grounds of a judicial decision called?
Ratio Decidendi

28. What is the person who attests (witnesses) deeds or writings to make them authentic particularly for use in another country called?
Notary Public

29. What is patent?
This is a privilege granted by letters patent and registered for the exclusive use and benefit to the inventor or discover of some new process or inventions. A patent usually lasts 20 years although it can be extended.

30. Who is a patent agent?
Patent agent is the one practices in the registration of patents.

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