Law Questions and Answers – Part4

31. What is murder?
It is an unlawful homicide committed with malice aforethought. Death must normally result within a year or day after the cause of death has been administered.

32. What is post-mor-tem examination (autopsy)?
It is an examination and dissection of a dead body, especially by a corner, to dicover the cause of death, damage done by disease, etc.

33. What is criminology?
The study of crime and criminals

34. What does IPC stands for?
Indian Penal Code.

35. What is movable property?
The words “movable property” are intended to include corporeal property of every description, except land and things attached to the earth, or permanently fastened to anything which is attached to the earth.

36. Who is a counterfeit?
A person is said to “counterfeit” who cause one thing to resemble another thing intending by means of that resemblance to practice deception, or knowing it to be likely that deception will there by practiced.

37. What is a culpable homicide?
Whoever causes death by doing act with the intention of causing death or with the intension of causing such bodily injury as is likely to cause death or with the knowledge, that he is likely by such act to cause death, commit the offence of culpable death.

38. What is the punishment for robbery?
Whoever commits robbery shall be punished with rigorous punishment for a term which may extent to ten years, and shall also be liable to find; and if the robbery be committed on the highway between sunset and sunrise, the imprisonment may be extended to fourteen years.

39. What does section of IPC 177 stand for?
Furnishing false information

40. What does section of IPC 179 stand for?
Refusing to answer public servant authorized to question

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