Mythology Questions and Answers – Part2

11. What is the name of goddess of youth in Roman Mythology?

12. Who was Bodidharma?
Founder of Buddhist’s tradition, Zen Religion in Japan

13. In Egyptian myth, who is the Sun god?
Ra of Re.

14. Who is the Hypnos of Greek mythology?
The god of sleep

15. In greek mythology who is the first women on earth; who opened box containing all human ills?

16. In norse mythology who is the goddess of night and love?

17. Who is Osiris?
In Eygyptian mythology, the Supreme god, ruler of afer life

18. In hindu mythology which god’s head is of an elephant?
Lord Ganapathy

19. In hindu mythology who is king of gods?

20. In hindu mythology who is known as the son of Vayu?
Hanuman (Vayuputhran)

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