Mythology Questions and Answers – Part7

61. In the bible, which creature swallowed Jonah?
The whale

62. Which is considered as the Hindu mythological lord of birds?

63. How many stars are there in the constellation known as the Great Bear?

64. Which secrete site in Jerusalem is held sacred by Jews, Muslims and Christians?
The Dome of the Rock

65. Which day is named after Frigga, the Queen of Odin of Norse mythology?

66. In greek myth, name the winged creature with a woman’s head and a lion’s body?

67. Name the saint who introduced Christianity in Japan?
St. Francis Xavier.

68. Which Jewish feast commemorates the release of the Isralites from slavery to freedom in Egypt?
The Passover

69. After which two-faced Roman god is the month of January named?

70. Which animal is sacrificed by the Muslims on the day of Id?

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