Mythology Questions and Answers – Part8

71. Which animal represents the Zodiac sign of Aries?

72. Which mythical bird is considered as the symbol of eternal life for its ability to resurruect itself from its own ashes?
The Phoenix

73. Where did Noah’s ark come to rest afer the flood?

74. In which language did Jesus actually preach?
Aramic (not exactly Hebrew)

75. Which successor of prophet Mohammed took the title Caliph?

76. Who in Russian lore is ‘The old bachelor’?
The devil

77. Which proverbial beauty in Greek mythology is associated with death and the world of the dead?

78. Name the son of Zeus and king of Aegina in Greek mythology?

79. According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, which are the elements out of which everything on earth is made?
Earth, water, air and fire.

80. To whom did Valypso offer immortality in return for staying on her island, in Greek mythology?
Ulysses or Odysseus.

81. Which are the two Bibilical animals that could speak?
Balams’s ass and the serpent

82. In greek mythology, which prince led the Argoniuts to win the Golden Fleece with the aid of Medea?

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