Police Questions and Answers – Part2

11. When did the calvary formed by the Maharaja of Travancore become the mounted police of Kerala state?

12. When did Gimmy George of the police department get the Arjuna Award?

13. When did Elamma of the police department get the Arjuna Award?

14. What is the name of the force constituted for the security of Indian borders?
Border Security Force – BSF

15. When was the border security force constituted?

16. How many types of ‘Inquests’ are there?

17. What are three types of ‘Inquests’?
Police Inquest, Corners Inquest and Magistrate,s Inquest.

18. Police inquest is done according to which article of the C.R.P.?
Article 174.

19. Coroners inquest is followed in one Indian City Only. Which is that city?

20. In which table of the Indian constitution is Indian Police Service included?

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