Police Questions and Answers – Part4

31. Which country first introduced the use of tear gas?

32. When was the family Court Act established through a law passed by the Indian Parliament?

33. From which word is the word Criminology derived?
Crimen – Laten and Lagos – Greek

34. What is the meaning of the Greek word Logos?

35. What is the meaning of the Greek word Logos?

36. What are the four fields of Criminology?
1. Sociology of law
2. Criminal etiology
3. Penology
4. Rehabilitation of criminals

37. What is the fullform of K.D?
Known depredator

38. The present Kerala police law is based on which act?
The act of 1961.

39. What is the fullform of KPW & A?
Kerala Police Welfare And Aminity Fund

40. When was the Kerala Police Housing Co-operative society formed?

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